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6438 NE Nettleton Road
Hamilton, MO 64644


Leading our location

Manager/Plant Operations Superintendent - David JonesDtJones@mfa-inc.com      Cell Phone:  660-641-0023
          David Jones comes to MFA with more than a decade of plant manager experience. For the past 10 years David has worked for Cargill managing 3 different shuttle loading facilities, from Texas to Colorado, to most recently in Kansas.  Grain management, movement, conditioning, safety and employee training are his main focus areas as a plant manager and superintendent.  David is originally from the St. Joe area and he is happy to be back closer to his family, especially his grandkids. 

Grain Originator

Plant Operations Supervisor - 

Office Administrator - Kerry Arthur-E-Mail: karthur@mfa-inc.com  
Kerry Arthur comes to MFA from a dental office in Excelsior Springs where she worked as a treatment coordinator.. Kerry graduated from Polo High School and currently lives in Lathrop.  She is married with three children.

Scale Operator -  Kaitlyn Skinner  E-Mail: kskinner@mfa-inc.com
Kaitlyn previously worked for Cameron Mutual Insurance for 5 years, most recently in the IT department.  Kaitlyn is the lead Scaleroom Operator for the MFA Rail Facility.  Her main duties will include probing trucks, grading grain, and directing trucks to the inbound scales and the dump pits. Kaitlyn grew up in Hamilton and she is very excited to see the rail facility come to her home town; and she is even more excited to have the opportunity to work here.  Kaitlyn and her husband, Chris, currently live in Polo, Mo

Plant Operator - David Reeder

Plant Operator - Kolby Reeder

Plant Operator - Dennis Pickering

Plant Operator - Levi Ward

About our location

The MFA Rail Facility is a loop loader project on the UP railroad designed to load a complete 110 rail car train in less than 8 hours. The facility is designed to move grain rather than store it, however the facility does have over 3.5 million storage on site.   There are 3 concrete bins that are 80' x 132' which will hold 566,000 bushels each.  There is also 1 concrete bin that is 60' x 132' that will hold 316,000 bushels.  There will be 3 metal bins, each with 30,000 bushel capacity.  We will also have 1 Zimmerman dryer and 2 overhead bins with 5,000 bushel capacity each.  The location will have 1 center-fill ground pile that will hold 1.5 million bushels and reclaim back into the elevator for load out.  There are 2 receiving legs, each rated at 30,000 bph and 1 shipping leg rated at 60,000 bph.  The facility will be equipped with the Smart Truck RFID card system so drivers will never have to get out of their trucks.  We will have an inbound and outbound scale and 2 unloading pits with employees to unload trucks.  We expect to be operational sometime in June or July this year.  We are currently contracting corn and soybeans for June/July delivery and New Crop delivery (Sept/Oct/Nov for Corn and Oct/Nov/Dec for Soybeans).

The MFA Rail Facility is a collaboration between the two independent agricultural cooperatives with similar roots, MFA Incorporated and MFA Oil company. 

Link to an article on the Open House for MFA Rail Facility from June 22, 2017

We have an MFA video below that explains the location's driving proceedure at the MFA Rail Facility, presented by our location manager David Jones.

DRONE VIDEOS of MFA Rail Facility:

3 Videos from Spring 2017:




In the news:

Our facility has earned some attention in the Ag News world.

Here are a few news links about our rail grain facility:

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Craig Childs speaks at the MFA Rail Facility Open House June 20, 2017

May 24, 2017 Dual lane probe station.

Conveyors are raised for housekeeping purposes.

Slip form concrete bins under construction (Fall 2016).
David Jones pictured with the gear box that will drive the 60,000 bu. per hour shipping leg. 

 Feb. 21, 2017

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