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DP Programs  09/18/23 1:56:58 PM

Corn DP:
DP (Delayed Pricing) will be offered for CORN delivered this fall to MFA Rail Facility at a flat rate of 20 cents per bushel starting at delivery until December 31, 2023. Then a rate of 5 cents per bushel per month (pro-rated daily) beginning January 1, 2024 will apply.  Bushels must be priced no later than August 29, 2024. 
DP allows you to stay in both the futures and basis markets for a flat or monthly charge.  Both the futures and the basis will remain un-priced and open to gains or losses.  In the event MFA Rail Facility sees a need to discourage DP corn across the scales a dump charge can be added at any time without warning.  Contracts must be filled first before applying bushels to DP or spot selling.

Cannot be used in combination with 1/2 moisture discount program (when available)

Bean DP:
Not currently available

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